Depraved - Wild West City Builder

  • Developer: Evil Bite
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
  • Version: Early Access Game
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Official information

Release Date Jul 20, 2018
Developer Evil Bite
Publisher Evil Bite
Genre Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
System Windows
Version Early Access Game


Depraved game PC review: welcome to the Wild West

Depraved game is a recent title you can find among city builder games on Steam. It’s been available in the early access since July 21, 2018. This city-building simulator has some significant additions to the genre.

What do you usually expect from a town building game? Constructing, crafting, expanding the boundaries of your area, and so on. Depraved offers you to combine these common activities with the elements of survival. And this is how the game gets much more exciting. 

Wild West aesthetics as it is

Haven’t we mentioned that  game events in Depraved take place in the Wild West setting? Such location is somewhat unusual for the town building simulators, so that we could highlight it as one of the main features of this game.

Surely, you get used to a medieval town builder or an ancient empires builder. But have you ever built towns in the Wild West? Frankly, we can’t call to mind such cases. Usually, we associate the Wild West-based games with shooters and adventures. Not with town builder simulators at all. This time the location determines the Depraved aesthetics and its gameplay overall. 

You will immerse into desert surroundings with the abundance of sepia colors. A little bit of green is also present in Depraved. You will see your town growing on your eyes with all the buildings and facilities needed for the life of the settlers. 

The way your town will look totally depends on the player. He can build a prosperous settlement, inhabited with satisfied people who have access to all the facilities and material benefits provided to them by the player. If you won’t cope with this task, your settlement becomes gloomy and even runs the risk of transforming into a ghost town. Remember such from westerns? Abandoned settlements with no people on the deserted streets, empty houses, and tumbleweed driven by wind. 

The visual appearance of the game also relies on the well-thought-out system of weather and seasons change. Both of these indicators affect the population of your settlement. When it rains, your colonists may catch flu. When it’s winter, some of the settlers may die of supercooling. The summer drought can bring a bad harvest and lead to more human deaths. 

So be attentive to all the visual changes - they can all significantly affect the course of the game. 

Build & survive. And do not let the wolves approach

Well, you are placed in some kind of western which is a building simulator at the same time. What do you need to do here? First of all, take into account that you are supposed not only to build but to survive as well. Different dangers in Depraved are here at every corner.
This is the second important feature of Depraved: building activity closely mixes up with survival. You have to become a wise town-planner and protect the inhabitants of the settlement as well. 

Build a comfortable town from scratch: think out the layout, construct houses, saloons, and craft shops, expand the edges of your settlement if needed. When there are too many residents, discover new territories for a convenient living.

Simultaneously with town planning and equipping satisfy your settlers demands. As Depraved includes the elements of survival, every resident’s life matters. You should consider the needs of each settler. Take care of them by satisfying their basic needs like thirst and hunger. Track the weather changes not to let anyone suffer from severe weather. Don’t let the crime and lawlessness spread, and so on. 

There will be three types of residents in your western town. Pioneers, settlers, and townspeople are different groups, so they have contrasting needs. For some of them, even the question of religious affiliation is important. 

Apart from your internal settlement dangers, there are some external. So we do not recommend you to settle near the places where wild animals live. Wolves and bears can significantly cutback the population.

The raids of robbers can also attack your town. So prepare for the battles for life which will occur almost every day.
In such a dangerous environment, you need to do your very best to survive. 

Western, ancient or contemporary? What is your favorite type of builder?

Depraved is not a standard city builder, as you can see. With such a strong accent on the survival aspect, it becomes something more than just a town builder. 

Think about some of the popular city builder games you’ve played before. Pharaoh (1999) concentrates on building monuments and ancient civilization aspects. Anno 1503 (2003) has a strategic component at the basis and focuses on the economy. SimCity series, a pioneer of the genre, fixates on the real cities life and lets you try yourself as a mayor and a city planner. Survival is really of the rarest accents you can meet in this genre. 

So if you are ready to try something new in city builder PC games, Depraved will satisfy your player’s ambitions for sure. 

Depraved: not just the next cowboy story

The plethora of city builder titles let every fan deepen in this genre the way he wishes it. Want to try something as strategic as futuristic? Deep your toe into Anno 2070. Interested in developing modern cities? SimCity series can become your object of interest. Need a little fantasy and not against occupying a place in a fictional kingdom and fighting orcs? Hinterland was developed precisely for you.

Talking about Depraved, we can mark a bunch of features which differ it from other city builder games. It’s a nice option when you like both simulators and survivals. Wild West is not a place for never-ending cowboy flaunting. Give this location a chance in terms of building, crafting, and settlers’ lives improving. 



  • Not enough micro management options
  • Very strange lighting
  • Balancing issues


  • Different models of buildings like houses
  • Surroundings that change on their own (campfires, small bridges)
  • Pathing created by residents
  • Dangers that make the game challenging
Gameplay controls